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“Globally competitive products and services for you and your business”


  • Supply and services of all IT products,website, and software development. 
  • Consultancy in business related to IT Services, web design, Email Hosting, Preventive maintenance, Onsite and Remote Desktop, Mobile and PC Online Application
  • Customized Program and Applications like; Finance and Accounting, Payroll, Inventory, Purchasing and other IT based programs.


  • Supply, Installation and services for Auxiliary Systems such as Network & Structure Cabling, Fire Alarm System (FDAS), Fire Protection / Sprinkler System, CCTV, Security and Alarm System.
  • Paging and BGM System, Building Management System (BMS), Traffic and Barrier System, Nurses Call, Wifi System, and all related to auxiliary system.
  • Solar System Technology: Specializing in the development and marketing of Solar Mounting Systems and Solar Mounting Frame.
  • VSAT, WIFI, and Radio Communication System.


  • Marketing Arm and Trading Consignee of known Construction Company.
  • For Cement, Construction Materials and Various Construction Equipment.
  • To enter into all kinds of contracts for the export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at wholesale or retail basis & other disposition for its own account as principal.
  • Representative capacity as manufacturer’s representative, merchandise broker, indenter, commission merchant, factors or agents upon consignment of all kinds of goods, equipment, wares, merchandise or products whether natural or artificial.

To provide good quality products, ideas and services to meet the client’s needs-whether it is for individuals, small businesses, groups, organization, companies and corporations.

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